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Suzy's Short and Sweet Newsletter

Hey you! Welcome to my first ever newsletter!

I thought I'd try my hand at creating a newsletter especially for the curious and nature-loving English learner.

We all live busy lives so my idea is to create something that is fun, interesting and helpful but quick to digest, hence the "Short and Sweet" in the name of my newsletter!

So let's get into it....

Today is World Bee Day 🐝💛

Fun Fact: Bees beat their wings at over 200 times a second!

If you'd like to learn some more fun facts about these busy little creatures here's my Nature Vocabulary Worksheet: BEAUTIFUL BEES

Word of the Day: Well, it has to be BUZZ, doesn't it?!!

If you didn't know, BUZZ is the sound a bee makes.

And BUZZ can be used in a number of contexts. However, let's look at just one today, shall we? Since this is supposed to be a short and sweet newsletter! 😹

We use the word BUZZ to describe a place that is full of people and activity (usually in a positive way):

eg. By the time we arrived at the nightclub the place was BUZZING.

Do you know any of the other ways to use BUZZ? You can reply to this email. I'd love to hear from you!

Hope you enjoyed this first instalment!

See you soon

Suzanne / Suzy / Suz  (I answer to all three! 😆)